Welcome to veteran Presence.


Ed Agner is a humble guy with healthy desires. If you’re going to play for his baseball team, you’ve gotta have something going for you. Scrappy? It’s a start. Proven? Works, especially when combined with Veteranness. Manly-Meaty? Now you’re talking. Ed brought all these qualities to his summer softball team, filling the void left by the Reds’ mediocrity in Ohio. He harbors a dangerous obsession with ex-Columbus Clipper 1B Fernando Seguignol. Be careful, Fernando.


Bill Barnwell stands for everything that his fella veteran’s hate – youth. On the 19 year program at Northeastern University, young Bill has devoted his life to switching majors, criminal roommates, sweet booze, mocking the sorioty see-sawers, hours upon hours of Madden and of course, the LAAADDIEEESSS!. Don’t be fooled by the spindly, pasty white exterior, you say anything bad about Jeff Innis, Jeff Tam or Jeff Halpern or anything good about Jeff Agoos, Jeff Torborg or Jeff McKnight and B-Squared will cut you. He is not a federal agent though.


Phil is a wiley jack-of-all-trades. He can’t hit or run or throw or field especially well but he makes up for it by being a quality clubhouse presence. Coaches like to have him on the bench as they know exactly what they’re getting. On a good day he can go unnoticed, on a great day he can come through with a clutch hit, on a poor day he…well…he’s hopefully on the DL. Similiar players – Wayne Krenchicki, Dane and Garth Iorg, Pat Sheridan.